NewsAir Business is the complete newsroom computer system for creating news, shows and production workflows.

For newsrooms of all sizes and used in more than 20 countries NewsAir Business is designed for journalists is user-friendly and has intuitive features.

NewsAir fits the needs of the TV stations that have at least one news journal or a live/recorded show. For the news journals and shows, NewsAir automatically exports the running orders, computer graphics, crawl, video files and all the playlists.

NewsAir “NewsRoom Computer System” is conceived after 12 years of work experience in broadcast industry. During these years, we, as a team, noticed in detail the entire team of editorial and production work. Based upon this, we found solutions for optimizing the journalists activity. NewsAir as NewsRoom Production System is highly intuitive and so friendly that it is not necessary to have any technical knowledge.

NewsAir is in fact the workflow and the application that connects all the departments from one television station. It integrates and automatizes all the activity and content. Besides the journalists who write and edit the news and materials, NewsAir is used by all the departments involved in news and video production: reporters, operators and camera-operators, editors, producers, archivists, control room operators, directors, etc.

Why should you choose NewsAir?

  • Flexibility;
  • Technical support 24/7/365
  • Consultancy
  • Excellent performance-costs rapport
  • Optimization
  • High speed of client customization and development
  • Operations security
  • Data security
  • Available in any language
  • Satisfied clients from 20 countries
  • New modules especially designed for the client’s needs

Let’s Work Together

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